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    Design is our forte, but we're much more than a pretty face (or helping you put on a
    pretty face). We build stellar web applications to save you time and money.

    Technology changes faster than the weather. Navigate the rapidly expanding technological arenas in Social Media,
    Smart Phones, Web and Print. Create gorgeous branding as cost effectively as possible.Our goal is to make you look good and increase your bottom line.

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    Based in Beautiful Utah.

    Our surroundings have inspired us: During the last 17 years, we've won numerous awards for our design and cost saving development.

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    Success and Increased Profits.

    Even if you don't sell or advertise online, with our cost saving automation development you can save money and increase your bottom line.

    Custom Programming and Engineering Solutions.

    Have a custom programming need? That's our forte. Contact us today: (877) 521-INFO.

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  • for your success.

    Infobytes: More Than Just Design.

    Technology that works for you. We build efficient web applications to automate time consuming tasks, reduce redundancy, tie together stand alone applications, create seamless integration in your business work flow and reduce the liklihood of human error. And, we do this all for you wrapped in a gorgeous design with smooth customer interfaces.

    Digital Solution Providers: Save Money Now.

    Digital Business and Digital Government: Provide better service to your customers and save money. One of our secure web applications saved a local public entity $83,000 in found money within 4 months after launch. Decrease staff load, save money, and provide better service. Shortly after we developed the online ticketing application for the Larry Miller Group of theaters (Megaplex Theaters), customers savored an easier buying experience and the company enjoyed another profit center.


  • design and development for your success .

    Gorgeous Design on Stellar Apps and Websites

    Design is our forte, but we're much more than a pretty face (or helping you put on a pretty face). We build stellar web applications to save you time and money. Technology changes faster than the weather. We are here to help you navigate the rapidly expanding technological arenas in Social Media, Smart Phones, Web, Print and create a stellar presence of Branding as cost effectively as possible. For more please call (877) 521-INFO

    Fluent in all major languages.

    PHP, AJAX, ASPX, Flex, Python, and Java. Some of the individual programmers prefer one language over another, however, we are fluent in all the major web languages. XML isn't really a language per se, more of a tranporter--but we love that too. If you want to get really techno, we'll throw in the SOAP with the AJAX and you'll have some very clean code. Call us today: (877) 521-INFO

    custom work.

    Our artists and programmers revel in new challenges. Let them flex their muscles and do what they do best. Present us with a problem and if it has an artistic or electronic programming solution--we'll develop it for you. Call us today: (877) 521-INFO

  • digital solutions for business & government.

    StarGOV: Award Winning Web Development & Design.

    Hundreds of thousands of dollars found, earned, and added to Public Entities General Funds during the last eleven years of StarGOV's history. One entity netted $83,000 just four months after deploying our Parking Ticket Application. We're here for the long haul. We're here to help you serve your community better. We're here to make you look good. Call us today: (877) 521-INFO

    StarBIZ: Digital Business Solutions

    Technology that works for you. We build cost efficient web and mobile applications to automate time consuming tasks, reduce redundancy, tie together stand alone applications, create seamless integration in your business work flow and reduce the likelihood of human error. And we do this all for you wrapped in a gorgeous design with smooth customer interfaces.Call us today: (877) 521-INFO

  • Small Business Initiative (SBI).

    Heart of America = Small Businesses.

    Small businesses are the heart of America. Almost half of small businesses in the United States do not even have a website. This is our way of helping qualified small businesses propel their business forward with enhanced success. We are committed to your success and therefore only interested in assisting motivated small businesses.

    Qualified small businesses eligible to receive 80% savings.

    Complete Website or Complete Shopping Cart Site! Using popular CMS solutions (ex. Wordpress) and templates, we'll provide a professional presence online with a good looking, fully functional, easy to update website or shopping cart.

    *To keep the cost down, we will use professionally designed templates, but we'll add enough customization that it will look close to a custom website for your business and your brand. Call us today: (877) 521-INFO

  • online ticket sales.

    Tickets Sales with reserve seating.

    Originally developed for the Larry H. Miller Theatre Group, (megaplextheatres.com). This application has successfully been utilized and deployed for amphitheaters and amateur playhouses. The reserve seating option allows the purchaser to view the seating arrangement and select specific seats for their desired performance. Call us today: (877) 521-INFO

    Existing Ticket Solution

    Infobytes's online ticketing application can tie into your existing ticketing application to ensure performances or show times are not oversold. Several of our clientele have been only using the online ticketing application for all of their ticket sales. The ticketing staff uses computers or tablets to complete ticket sales at the door. Please call us today to find out more about this robust ticketing soluton. (877) 521-INFO

  • commuter incentive program.

    Clean Air.

    Fresh Air Friday Program was developed for Ogden City to encourage the reduction of commuters traveling with one person in one car. The program was so successfull that many companies, governmental entities and public transportation services joined the effort. Mayor Godfrey, Ogden City, presented Infobytes with a special award for helping Ogden City reduce pollution and CO2 emmissions. In fact, the program automatically calculates how much CO2 emmissions is reduced by the collaborative efforts of this program. This program has been so successful that it was picked up by the State of Utah for their Travelwise Initiative.

    So we can all breath a little easier.

    This program helps to diminish traffic as well as reduce CO2 emmissions. The application has a built in mechanism for companies to sign up. Each week or month, eligible employees or participants are eligible for prizes and awards. These prices and awards and donated by sponsoring companies. This program brings together many groups, entities, and companys from both the public and private sector to achieve a common goal: the reduction of CO2 emmissions. If you would like to implement this program in your community, please contact us today: (877) 521-INFO

  • request tracking system/helpdesk.

    request service tracking system.

    Citizens can request service which is automatically forwarded to appropriate department. A unique request number is generated in which they can follow the status of their issue online. E-mail and phone calls are used by city personnel for follow up. This is a powerful work flow management tool. It can also be used with a Risk Management focus, diminishing the likelihood of loss when more eyes and ears of the community quickly reporting potential hazards or issues. The quicker one knows about potential issues, the faster an issue can be resolved, which greatly reduces the likelihood of loss or liability exposure.

    customer helpdesk.

    HelpDesk and Knowledge Base for great customer service. Your customers can log into the helpdesk system and issue a support ticket, which can be tracked by your customers as well as your support personel and managers. A knowledge base and Frequently Asked Question area can be added to provide assistance and help for common issues and questions. This helps your customers rapidly find answers to common questions. The helpdesk system also provides you with documentation of how your staff is handling support issues and taking care of your valuable customers. For more, please contact us today (877) 521-INFO

  • programming and development.

    High Value Return.

    Development and custom programming has frequently been able to give our clientele a strong rate of return. Example, finding $83,000 four months after an application deploys provides high value and a strong rate of return for your corporation, management, board, and finance officers. Our goal is to make you look good to your customers and your boss.

    web & mobile apps.

    Infobytes's development programmers are extremely talented. We have all of the state of the art equipment to code faster and better, and the programs to help us design/build huge projects. The software and the equipment alone does not necessarily create stellar development. As Duke Ellington once said, “It is not the piano that makes great music; it is the person sitting at the piano.” The men and women behind the computers at Infobytes are extremely talented and make great commercial art, graphics, web design and development exclusively for you. These custom programming projects can be deployed on the web, smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices used by your employees and customers. For more, please contact us today (877) 521-INFO

  • branding.

    Consistent Through-out All Marketing & Support Materials.

    A brand is one of the most valuable elements in an advertising theme, as it demonstrates what the brand owner is able to offer in the marketplace. The art of creating and maintaining a brand is called brand management. Orientation of the whole organization towards its brand is called brand orientation.

    branding development and management.

    Infobytes can help develop branding as well as manage branding campaigns, online as well as via more traditional marketing and advertising mediums. Branded Services for Non-profits and Governmental Entities help increase community goodwill and trust. Branded products and services typically command higher prices. Call us today to find out more about Infobytes's branding services: (877) 521-INFO

    web, mobile, & social media.

    Your look and brand must be displayed on all your Social Media platforms. Infobytes's designers can help "skin" your brand and look to reflect through-out all of your Social Media platforms. Additionally, Infobytes can help build, manage, and orchestrate social media campaigns for your business and entity. Social Media can be effectively used for customer service and advertising. Infobytes specialist can help manage your Social Media endeavors, or teach you how to time effectively manage these valuable Social Networking endeavors. Call us today to find out more about Infobytes's branding services: (877) 521-INFO

  • graphic design, copywriting,photography, videography.

    Art Evokes Emotion: People Buy Emotionally and Defend their decision with logic.

    The Infobytes team has nationally recognized graphic designs and web designers. You've probably seen their work with companies such as Frito-Lay, Coke, the Utah Jazz (yes, our Art Director designed the Jazz Bear), and even Hogle Zoo. The work is beautiful and custom. It's geared to evoke warm emotions to enhance your branding--which helps motivate buyers. For more please call (877) 521-INFO


    Infobytes has a long history of developing gorgeous websites, applications, and marketing materials. As Bill Gates is famously quoted, "Content is King." The actual writing will bring greater understanding, service, as well as motivate buyers. Our professional copywriters are available to write any material utilized by your organization. The power of the written word must not be ignored. Call us today to find out more about Infobytes's branding services: (877) 521-INFO

    photography & videography.

    YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Picasa cost effectively promote your products and services. Infobytes's professional photographers and video professionals will help develop photos and film for these mediums. We'll write the concept, storyboard the scenes, film, edit, and produce the work to Social Media sites--as well as disks. You'll be amazed at the results. Your investment return will be unparrelled. Call us today: (877) 521-INFO

  • support, the cloud and server co-location.


    Online support is available 24/7. Those on special programs or with a support contract have telephone support. The level of support depends on your needs. We will customize your support arrangement to fit your needs and work environment. For more: (877) 521-INFO

    Cloud Computing.

    All your stuff securely stored in the Cloud. Access it from anywhere with an internet connection. Share contacts and content with others. You'll never be tied down to one or two machines again. Your work environment is securely available anywhere you go.

    Server Co-Location.

    Colocation that has earned the trust of the technological community. Whether you need to host a sing server, or require multiple cabinets, you will have a place for you in our world-class data center. You can relax knowing that your hardware lives in a climate-controlled, secure, and reencountered facility that we tirelessly monitor at all times. We can also provide your business with dedicated connections to the Internet from our data center, or help you to create a private network between your office and colocated servers. Call today: (877) 521-INFO

  • networking.


    Infobytes engineers are CISCO Certified to handle your in-house, onsite networking setup and maintenance. We install the cabling, the routers and switches, and the servers and workstations. We correct most problems in a remotely and quickly. For your in-house network, most issues can be resolved without requiring a site visit.For more: (877) 521-INFO

    Speciality areas:

    Anti-virus and Internet Security Solutions, Computer and Network Security, Data Backup and Recovery, Email Server and Mobile, Device Support, Managed Services, Network Monitoring and Management, Office Relocation and Setup, Remote Data Backup, Remote Managed Services,Server Installation and Support,Shared Cloud Office Solutions,Troubleshoot and Repair


    With our partnership with XMission, we will create the right connectivity plan for your business. Our talented engineers build unique networking solutions tailored specifically for your business needs. 24/7 monitoring of your connection by our highly trained staff. We have connected businesses with their remote warehouses, their telecommuting employees, and their out-of-state divisions. Give us a list of specifications and we will find a way to suit your needs on the largest and most diverse carrier network in the state with over 20 Gigabits of upstream bandwidth across multi providers.

  • Business Phone, Unified Collaboration & Hosting Re-Imagined.

    Business Phone Services

    High Value without a High Price. With affordable startup costs, and unbelievably low monthly costs, your business will find VoIP Business Phone services as cost effective as your current service; plus you'll receive increased value from all the extra features included automatically with a new Business Phone plan.

    Unified Collaboration.

    Email and so much more. Obviously your company does more than send and receive email. Most employees also require unified communications platform allowing them to work collaboratively, set appointments, share task lists, chat in real time, and more. With Infobytes' partnership with XMission, you receive all this in a single, mobile application that frees you from systems administration and hardware headaches.

    Hosting Re-Imagined.

    With our partnership with XMission, the perfect platform for companies looking to grow beyond traditional hosting: Instant scalability, Auto load-balancing, and Killer pricing. Increase or decrease server resources as your site traffic fluctuates, and you will only be billed for what you provision. Even load balance multiple servers for you at no additional cost. Call today: (877) 521-INFO

  • GIS/Mapping.


    If a picture is worth a thousand words, an interactive map is worth a million. Online mapping has exploded in the last few years, largely due to Google Maps and Google earth. As a result of this ever increasing demand, Infobytes has partnered with CarteDesign to build 21st century maps for any governmental entities. We use the latest GIS technology to input, analyze and display any type of geographic or spatial information. Need to share your data with others? Using the Google Maps JavaScript API we can build stunning online mapping applications customized to your needs that makes sharing your data and maps easy and cost effective. Want to share a map of GPS locations with co-workers or friends? We can import GPS locations into a map and make it available in Google Earth or online in a custom mapping application. GIS is an awesome tool that is being used in almost every industry and for every purpose imaginable. From agriculture and natural resources to business and marketing GIS is making a difference. For more: (877) 521-INFO

    Need a map for your website?

    Infobytes is all about building great online maps for your website! Just about every website could use a map to display geographic information quickly and easily. Call today: (877) 521-INFO

  • Infobytes Background.

    How We Started

    Our founder, Loretta Gale, was the Director of Marketing for a national municipal liablility insurance company. She worked with various graphic artists and taught herself desktop publishing to speed things up (and get it right). In 1996, Microsoft sent her information about their "Activate the Internet Contest." Ms. Gale entered and was one of the top winners (top six in the world). She was awarded a whole bunch of stuff (software, servers, fast connectivity to her house), so she sat down with her boss and said, "I think this internet thing might be something. I'd like to take a 6 month sabbatical and check it out." Her boss laughed and said, "See you in 6 months." Creative Internet Design evolved to Infobytes, Ms. Gale never went back to insurance.

    Servant's Heart

    One of the founding principles of Infobytes has been to have a servant's heart. Loretta's former boss in the insurance world used to always say, "We have to be of service, make money, and have fun." Those principles are carried forth to Infobytes in all of our interactions. We are pleased to be of service to you. Call today: (877) 521-INFO

  • News.

    Infobytes Announces Small Business Initiative

    August 2013: Infobytes is pleased to announce an entirely new and innovative program exclusively for qualified Small Businesses. Almost 60% of small businesses in America do not have a website. In Utah, 57% of small businesses still need of a website. Traditionally, Infobytes has allocated resources to help others and be of service.Today, Infobytes is pleased to announce our new program called the Infobytes Small Business Initiative.

    Small Business Initiative(SBI)

    Initiative definition: "The power or ability to begin or to follow through energetically with a plan or task; enterprise and determination." Infobytes has the ability and the power to energetically follow through and assist qualified small businesses get online, develop a website or online store, and propel these eligible small businesses to further success. By qualified we mean motivated, we are going to do our part to get you there, but you'll need to do your part too. There's an old saying that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him/her drink. If you are thirsty enough, we'll lead you to the water. We'll put all the critical components in place for you to succeed, the rest will be up to you. We want to partner with motivated small businesses, call us today: 801.521.INFO